About us


We are a relatively young, self-driven manufacturers specialising solely on production of Ultramarine Blue Pigment.

By being the first chemical plant in Central and Western Asia to produce an ultramarine pigment as a flagship product, we comply with the world standards and offer high quality product!

The Joint Venture between China Shandong Zhongtian Chemical Pigment Co., Ltd. and Uzbekistan Sofitel Co., Ltd. with ultramarine as the leading product is the first chemical company in Central and Western Asia. The company is located in national Free Economic Development Zone of Jizzax, Uzbekistan with convenient road and rail transportation.
The company has advanced technological equipments and strong technical force. A project of 10000 t/a ultramarine is planned, and the first stage is 4000 t/a ultramarine. The product quality is up-to- standard.
With a strong desire to grow and develop, our company is welcoming partners all over the world to offer our products to!